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Reach out to the baby

In 2008, I began to be more aware of the
local news of many newborn babies who were unwanted.  Their parents – for reasons of being
unwanted, poverty, or unmarried status – were disposing of these innocent
children in public
toilets, in the drainage areas, and garbage storages in the corner of the town.
This was done out of their own desperate situation.  As I became aware of this growing situation,
I was stricken in my heart to help.   I
prayed – asking God to show us how to help change this horrible deed done to


we prayed, our team also began to take action. 
Since then we have plans to open a home where newborn babies can be
rescued.  This home would be a place for
desperate parents to save their child from death – even if they cannot keep it
themselves.   Knowing the need for such
children to have a family – we will seek out loving families to adopt these
babies into their own homes – to grow up with
and care that every child needs.