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                           giving HOPE to someone..
Transforming lives to bringing hope to helpless..

Our Vision, Aims

Transforming lives & bringing hope to the helpless.

Hope family trust was officially registered as a charitable Trust in 5th April 2006. By a group of like-minded people, to
develop physical, moral and emotional support for the people who are living
without any hope. At HOPE FAMILY TRUST we believe every person needs
and deserves to have hope. In this world of suffering, there are many unfortunate
situations in which people lose hope. They become helpless when they have to
face death, sickness, poverty or war. And they became helpless in their lives
.Our donor, long team staff  and volunteers
are eager to stand in the GAP and help these people to be a BRIDGE over
troubled water between the poverty and success to come true in their daily
lives. We hope family provides HOLISTIC services to touch the lives of
individuals. We help communities transform themselves by improving their
knowledge, services and skills. The key ingredient in all of our work is our
staff. This is our staffs who meet the poor day to day. Who holds the children
in their arms, who smile and laugh and show compassion when life seems dark and

We are a non-governmental, non-political and non-profitable
organization. Hope Family Trust is accountable through its constitution to its
members and an Executive Committee of Trustees.