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What we do

out to the baby

In 2008, I began to be more aware of the
local news of many newborn babies who were unwanted.  Their parents – for reasons of being
unwanted, poverty, or unmarried status – were disposing of these innocent
children in public
toilets, in the drainage areas, and garbage storages in the corner of the town.
This was done out of their own desperate situation.  As I became aware of this growing situation,
I was stricken in my heart to help.   I
prayed – asking God to show us how to help change this horrible deed done to


we prayed, our team also began to take action. 
Since then we have plans to open a home where newborn babies can be
rescued.  This home would be a place for
desperate parents to save their child from death – even if they cannot keep it
themselves.   Knowing the need for such
children to have a family – we will seek out loving families to adopt these
babies into their own homes – to grow up with love
and care that every child needs.



We, at Hope
Family Trust believe that education is a vital ingredient in any child’s life.  But sadly, many children are not able to go to
school because of poverty.  Their parents
are not able to afford the fees that are associated with education.  Since 2008, Hope family Trust has been
helping children from very poor families, by paying for their education.  This includes school fees, stationary, books
and copies, and giving them the required uniforms, umbrellas and many other necessary
things.  Our team worked hard to raise
our own funds to be able to give toward this project.




For various
reasons, the Indian society has many widows and elderly people who are
homeless. Often they are handicapped or mentally ill.  They have no family to care or support
them.  We see these people live in the
streets or other extremely poor and neglected conditions.   


Hope Family
Trust has been giving to many such individuals in various ways to bring comfort
and help to them.  Compassionately, we
give them food, transportation, blankets and help them in whatever way they



On the month of September 2011, the Himalayan
region faced an unexpected earthquake. Many damages occurred, especially in the
remote areas where the houses of the people are mostly made out of stone and
mud. So we decided to help some of the families that were really in need. We
gave some necessary things like food, clothes, and tin for the roof.  Many people contributed for this relief, some
of them gave money to buy food supplies and for transportation whereas others
gave money to purchase tin roof and so on. 
With the support of New Future Nepal trustee we were able to built three
houses. We were very happy to see a 94 years old lady able to sleep peacefully
at her new house.