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Message from Managing Trustee

I would like to introduce myself.   My name is Mr. Kiran Chettri and   I grew up in an orphanage in Pedong – near
Kalimpong, Darjeeling. India.  I spent 20
years in the orphanage.  In 2001, I
completed my BA degree.  Since 2002, I am
working as social worker and serving my community. From very early in my life,
I had a very strong desire to work with orphans, the poor and needy people of
my home town and surrounding area.  It
was these people whom I could strongly identify with in my own life.   However, without support, I could see no way
this vision could be a reality. 


Our country of India is big and beautiful. We
love the people and the diversity of cultures and tradition that our country
brings. It is the political system, corruption and natural disasters, the
explosive population, non-equal distribution of government funds, and
illiterate generations that have changed the face and situation of our nation. We have over 1
billion in population today (1/6 of the world’s population).



Our home town Kalimpong is a much neglected area. Most of the people are unemployed.  They work for daily wages as laborers and coolie.  Very few people they have government services.  Sadly, there are millions of children under the unending pressure of poverty.  Many are not able to obtain a formal education. They have been put to work since their early childhood days, working daily in private companies, factories, and homes.  (Child labor is still being practiced throughout India. Today, India has over 29.5 million estimated children working daily, making it the world’s largest Child Labor force.)  In this difficult situation, the curse of poverty is experienced by families for generations.  I see thousands of children every day – their intelligent minds are being wasted by the hardship and poverty that traps them. This breaks my heart. 



 Currently, I am Managing Director (trustee) of Hope Family Trust – a nonprofit organization.  We are a team of concerned individuals sharing the same vision – to change the face of the future for many families.   We started to pray with strong burden in our hearts. We want to see a change in our society.  Since I was raised as an orphan, I do not have any family or personal resources.  But I am not lacking in having great concern and passion to do my part in changing the future of our poverty stricken children of our society.  My dream is to lead the way of bringing change to our community – from desperate poverty to a way of meaningful life for many families.


As a child, I was unwanted and neglected by the society.  The curse of poverty has been changed to blessing in my life.  Now I want to be like a bridge to many deserving people in my community.  I have committed to lead the needy and neglected to a life of hope.

As a team, Hope Family Trust needs your financial help as we reach out to the needy of our society.  Your help will aid us as we bring hope to the people who most neglected.


Let’s be united as a winning team!


Mr. Kiran Chettri

Hope Family Trust

Kalimpong, Darjeeling