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Founder of Hope Family Trust

Mrs. Debbie Hollinger from USA founder of Hope Family Trust In 2005, Mr. Kiran Chettri was able to met Mrs. Debbie Hollinger, Her vision was raising the orphan girl in homely environment.  She wanted to help orphan girls in India. She gave us privilege to work with her project as leader of HOPE FAMILY HOME.  With her support, we opened a home for orphans, 15 girls living as sisters.  In Hope Family Home, the girls are no longer orphans, they are family!  They are growing to be young ladies, trained to be capable, hospitable, caring and well mannered. They receive an excellent education that will give them a bright future.  Mrs. Hollinger visits us twice in a year, showing her love and giving words of encouragement to the girls – treating them as her own daughters. She encourages the staff – giving guidelines on how to take care the girls according to their age.  Together we make certain that the girls are not in lack for anything. We can say very proudly that the home is running successfully, the girls are happy and enjoying their lives. Each girl found a family where there are many sisters where they can grow with love. They are preparing for their future life. Officially April 2006 Hope Family home was register name gave Hope Family Trust.