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                           giving HOPE to someone..
Transforming lives to bringing hope to helpless..

Donate for the charity -How you can help us

It is only through the kindness and generosity of many private
individuals, organizations that we are able to help the disadvantaged, the
orphan children and adults of           India.

  • Giving one time donation


  • Give emotional and physical aid to
    the helpless


  • Give a recurring gift


  • Give in remembrance or in honor of a
    loved one


  • By sponsoring a child


  • By fund raising


  • Volunteer

We believe in unique strength of a team.  Every year volunteer workers come from India
and other nations to give their time and resources to help us. They serve in
our orphanage, as well as do compassion outreach.  These volunteers are delighted to be a part of
our project to reach out to the neglected of our society and bring change in
the lives of deserving people.

We welcome you to bring your friends, family and team.  You will stay at our Hope family guest house
and experience the Nepali culture, food, and the lifestyle of surrounding


We need to have our own orphanage building.

need your regular sponsorship for the compassion outreach.

for under privileged children

food supply for Widows and neglected Senior Citizens.

We are looking for more donor to open more
children home to give shelter