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Transforming lives to bringing hope to helpless..

deliver Sustainable high impact, community based service to the poor and
needy.  Hope family trust is an
independent NGO totally run by the donors, we act as bridge between the donors
and the under privileges. Our aim is simply, to transforming lives and bringing
hope to those with no hope.

 Hope Family Trust was established as a charitable Trust in 2006 and
has FCRA clearance 80G and 12A income tax act 1961





Hope Family Trust

In 2005 I, Mr. Kiran Chettri was able to fulfill his heart’s desire when he met Mrs. Debbie Hollinger from USA. Her vision was raising the orphan girl in homely environment.  She wanted to help orphan girls in India. Mrs. Debbie Hollinger gave us privilege to work with her project as leader of HOPE FAMILY HOME.  With her support, we opened a home for orphans, 15 girls living as sisters…

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Horn Beam House

January 2011, Managing trustee Mr. Kiran Chettri able to meet Mrs. Lynne Managing Director of New Future Nepal UK charity gave their orphanage under our organization. At Hornbeam house we are taking care 10 children all children are doing well every area of their life. 2014 was a blessing year for Hornbeam house because NFN donated money to build the beautiful home for children to say. 

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Widows and Elderly

For various reasons, the Indian society has many widows and elderly people who are homeless. Often they are handicapped or mentally ill.  They have no family to care or support them.  We see these people live in the streets or other extremely poor and neglected conditions.


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Releif works

On the month of September 2011, the Himalayan region faced an unexpected earthquake. Many damages occurred, especially in the remote areas where the houses of the people are mostly made out of stone and mud. So we decided to help some of the families that were really in need. We gave some necessary things like food, clothes, and tin for the roof.

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Educational Support

Since 2008, Hope family Trust has been helping children from very poor families, by paying for their education.  This includes school fees, stationary, books and copies, and giving them the required uniforms, umbrellas and many other necessary things.  Our team worked hard to raise our own funds to be able to give toward this project.

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In 2008, I began to be more aware of the local news of many newborn babies who were unwanted.  Their parents – for reasons of being unwanted, poverty, or unmarried status – were disposing of these innocent children in public toilets, in the drainage areas, and garbage storages in the corner of the town. This was done out of their own desperate situation.

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Hope Family Trust
At Hope Family Trust,
we believe every person needs and deserves to have hope. In this world
of suffering, there are many unfortunate situations in which people lose
hope. They become helpless through death, sickness, poverty or war. And
became helpless in their lives
Our team of staff and
volunteers are eager to stand in the gap and help these people to be a
bridge over troubled water between the poor and the path to their
dreams. We at Hope Family provide holistic services to touch the lives
of individuals. We help communities transform themselves through
improved knowledge, services and skills. The key ingredient in all of
our work is our staff. This is our staffs who meet the poor day to day.
Who hold the children in their arms, who smile and laugh and show
compassion when life seems dark and hopeless.
We hope family trust have a heart to see four focus
areas for our work to grow in India Health, children, education, and
employment. We have a program to take care of People who have no one who


Hope Family Trust is really become a hope for my life.kiran chettri trans-large

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Financial summary

family trust is committed to integrity and transparency in its accounts. We are
thoroughly scrutinized by the government of India and take pride in spending
every rupee that we received carefully. Hope family trust is directly involved
in helping the orphan, poor, widows and old citizen. If you are interested to
give your donation.